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1. When the body descends during the full control of strength, it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining a state of tension during the entire process of descending. Also, don’t let the descent process start out surprisingly slowly when training the abdominal wheel, as this will cause you to feel prematurely tired, and even get injured from sports before reaching the ground.
2. In the exercise, you must pay attention not to sag the back. When using the abdominal wheel for kneeling, you need to ensure that the back is slightly curved, or at least that the back is kept straight. If you can’t ensure the accuracy of your movements, you may hurt your lower back, indicating that you are not ready to use the abdominal wheel exercise.
3. In the process of running downwards, try to let your chest touch the ground, and then try to bend the back slightly arc while maintaining arm tension. Don’t exhale when your body doesn’t reach the top. In addition, the harder part is exhaling and resting when you are close to the ground. Then, inhale and bend your back, then return to the original state (kneeling position).
4. If you have difficulty contracting the abdominal wheel to support yourself, then you should always try to extend your arms forward and keep it passively, or you can only do half-stroke of the abdominal wheel.

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